Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wets and wilds makeup onlines?

Wets and wilds is my favorite make up. Where can I find it onlines?Wets and wilds makeup onlines?
Wet n Wild Cosmetics are generally cheap. (It doesn't have many great quality products) You can buy it at any drugstore or shopping center. A lot of drugstores have buy one get one free (Or half off) sales on Wet n Wild products, depending on where you live. As for online, you can buy this brand from their website. and wilds makeup onlines?
u mean WET %26amp; WILD no wets and wilds right?? the best place i know is walmart which has the cheapest price. also rite aid and drugfair.

here u go..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wet and wild ultimate match or ';covergirl clean makeup';?

I dont ant to spend alot of money...and I had been uing loreal true match and LOVED it ..but it messed up my skin....will either of these work as well?Wet and wild ultimate match or ';covergirl clean makeup';?
ALMAY has good foundations that match to your skin - it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Also - MaxFactor works well too - good coverage.

A little bit on the pricey side - but AVEDA has an awesome tinted moisturizer.

Is wet n' wild a good makeup brand?

noIs wet n' wild a good makeup brand?
no its cheap and junky.i would recamend mabyline.Is wet n' wild a good makeup brand?
no its very junky spend another 10$ on somthing with quality
sorry but its like the worst one you can find honestly

like the lipstick is like wax,nailpolish is garrenteed to get clumpy,

fondation is pure oil,the only ok thing the have is the blush!!!
Don't really wear makeup, but i love lip gloss. I make a point to wear wet n wild lip gloss only.Been with me all these years!
I don't think so. It is basically just cheap makeup
It depends. Their mascara is terrible - takes out your eyelashes and hardly does a thing.

Their eyeliner is my favorite though. It doesn't budge, at least on my skin. I can run around and play sports or even swim with it on, and it still look fine later.

But generally, it's not my favorite brand of make-up :/
I am in the industry and I can tell you that Value City has 2 lines..

One for general audience, one for ethnic and the formulations are tops, but the prices are not.

Wet n wild is junk
I like it!!! Its a good brand for there nail polish! well you should try it and see for your self because we could have totally different opinions then you!
No, it's not a good brand.

Only use that if you're completely broke and can't afford anything else.
No...I haven't used everything in their product line, but the products I have used, have not been of good quality.
I don't think it's trustable when it comes to skin care.

I would stay without any make up than using cheap ones because they can make my skin get old faster or can damage the eyebrows etc...
definately not. it's so sticky and gross!!
No, it's cheap.
well the lip gloss, eye liner , and nail polish is ok but other wise you gotta go with covergirl
It isn't bad, especially the eyeshadow and liner. The foundation and powder doesn't work very well, but I LOVE their bronzer.
I don't think so. But, I do like their nail polish. But, even if everyone says no you should still try it because you might have a different opinion.
yes, average quality at a cheap price.
No it is very low quality!
no it doesnt last and is really just for children.
Not really. It is pretty cheap and not very good quality. I like Cover Girl 鈥?it is a bit more expensive but higher quality.
yes ,it is great and affordable, also great colors i use it
It's horrible!
Well, at least their eyeliner is. I find it to work the best and it's definitely the cheapest.
no way it sucks but if your broke it'll have to do
No, Wet n' Wild is a horrible makeup brand.

Makeup for wild night out?

okay. well i have this makeup idea but idk what you guys would think about it.

I have dark tanned skin, big brown eyes, and dark, long, brown hair with auburn highlights.

I am having a wild party night in a few days and i wanted to try something kindof ';retro'; with my makeup

I was thinking bright purple eyeliner, black eyeliner under my eyelashes. Then a blend of pink and brown eyeshadow. black mascara and pale pink lipgloss.

how does this sound?Makeup for wild night out?
try a very vibrant eyeshadow also look on youtube make up and how to videos very cool ideasMakeup for wild night out?

If you have blue or grey eyes, apply yellow or orange eyeshadows.

If you have green eyes,you may apply plum coloured eyeshdow will make your eyes stand out!

If you have brown eyes, you can apply pink!


when applying blusher, brush up sandout from the centre of your cheek with light strokes

Blend the colour well towards ur hairline so you avoid harsh lines

Use large brush for a soft look

Less is more

A touch of pink lipstic will look retro if you put it onur cheeks and blend it well.

Use peach to look retro!


You want a party look so, add glitter gloss over the top of your favourite ipstick!

Remember to press ur lips together on a tissue after u apply the lipstick, then add another coat for lasting longer at parties.

Good luck at the party and remember to smile!
that sounds kool!

i had a crazy night too!


since saint pattys day is comming up, i went with green!

it was tottally sweet, my eye makeup matched my nails!!

Wild yet pretty makeup ideas?

I want something attention grabbing, exotic, maybe even weird looking.

I'm so bored with my usual: mascara, brown shadow, blush, lipgloss

I'm up for experimenting with different colors.

I love eyeliner and eye shadow.

I have brown eyes and red hair.

any ideas? pictures?

thanksWild yet pretty makeup ideas?鈥?/a>

try mixing it up with really dark pigmented shadesWild yet pretty makeup ideas?
You have to go to and look at this girl, she does tutorials and show you exactly how to put it on.

Good luck and have fun with your make up! I know I do when I watch these videos!

go to

the girl that runs it has some pretty good ideas for make up with cool colors.
try a tatoo on ur face that is attention grabbing, exotic, and wierd looking
try purple or blue eyeliner.

POLL: If Wet n' Wild was the only makeup in the world would you use it?

OF COURSE! Who wants to be without make-up, FOREVER? It wouldnt matter what the brand was, it's the fact that there is no more makeup in the world! Haha, but good question!POLL: If Wet n' Wild was the only makeup in the world would you use it?
I love Wet N Wild. Report Abuse
POLL: If Wet n' Wild was the only makeup in the world would you use it?
I would use it if it was the ONLY make up in the world, but its not the best brand...only thing of theirs that i would use now is the lip gloss, the eye shadows and mascara are no good
of course i would! i cant be makeupless, i look terrible. Plus, wet in wild is cheap, but that doesnt mean it doesnt work.
yes..i do use wet n wild eyeliner and concealer..its perfectly fine. just because its cheap doesnt mean its crappy and doesnt work.
What kind of question is this?? I have alot of money and have high-end makeup like dior and chanel yet I bought a wet%26amp;wild lipstick yesterday!! Nothing wrong with this brand at all!
I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup but I have used the lipsticks from Wet N Wild and they seem to be good so I guess my answer would be yes I would

But I can't stand their foundation. Everything else it great but that.

I don't know, I can't even use it cause it's so crappy it just makes me look worse... so no
yes i cant go a day without makeup!!!!
Haha, yeah.

It's not the best though.
yeah,i like their tinted moisturizer:)

cheap but its good:)
of course it may be cheap but their eyeshadow quads are to die for
yeah i guess....
if it looked good on me yes

I always see Mac makeup a big and wild if i went to a studio would they still be able to do a simple everyday?

light lookI always see Mac makeup a big and wild if i went to a studio would they still be able to do a simple everyday?
Yes.... and they do a really good job to!

If it wasn't for them I wouldn't know how to do my makeup at all.

I spent about an hour in there and they taught me everything from how to use different brushes to different looks for different occasions.

Highly recommend it to anyone who wants tips or advise.I always see Mac makeup a big and wild if i went to a studio would they still be able to do a simple everyday?
Yes. Just let them know what kind of look you're after (so something natural, light, not too dramatic) and they'll help you out.
Yeah...U just gotta ask em
yes, the girls there look so stupid with hot pink blush across there face and lime green eye shadow. it looks rediculous, like holloween, but i use mac and if you ask them for foundation, eyeliner and mascara and a light blush, they'll do it. i only use the foundation there, its so good, the girls just look like theyre blind

they specialize in doing trendy, wild make up but they do fabulous natural looks too, all you have to do is tell them what you want.
yes, just get neutral colors. I use MAC's shadows, glosses and lipsticks yet I always have a natural look. Nothing wild and flamboyant.
Yes, they will do whatever you ask them to.